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Since the age of 11 Linda has been dancing and she knew exactly: this is what she wants. A life without music and movement never existed for the daughter of a former dancer. Her first mentor Jeannette Munère  always supported Linda and took her to the next step of professional dancing. Over the years the choreographer developed in different styles including jazz, contemporary, modern, ballet, show dance, but especially hip hop. Urban dance has always been the passion of the Italian-Albanian southerner, which is why she has specialised in urban choreography. 
Linda received her dance and choreographic training at the Dance Professional Academy in Mannheim. Additionally she learned from international choreographers and dancers, such as Mr Wiggles, Joseph Go, Duc Anh Tran,

Kirsten Dodgen, Yassine Barbouchi, Andrea Böge, Selatin Kara and many more. She is also head of creative direction of the urban dance company 'Urban Pace', which she founded with her colleague and dancer Pascal Stopp.
But not only dancing inspires the choreographer but also singing and acting. She enjoyed singing and acting lessons for over 5 years, which makes Linda even more diverse in her creative work. 

Names like 'Robinsonclub', 'Bodensee Fightnight' or 'SWR3' are among Linda's references.
The experience and knowledge of a wide range of dance styles is reflected in her choreographies. Her style is composed of different elements of dance, whereby urban dance is always to be found. Musically and dynamically Linda brings a song to life. She knows how to stage and coach an artist and always works motivated and focused.